Welcome to bjthebear.com
A designer and musician from Bradford, West Yorkshire UK.
Into clean, minimal design and typography, music, food & beer.
I'm also involved in a local DIY alternative club night called No Hands with bands, DJs and a free zine. Look At These Pretty Zines
This space is where I shall post recent work, ideas or anything that tickles my fancy, I suppose.
If you would like to get in touch with me you can do so here - about work, if you like anything or just to say hello..
Traa, BJx

Little Light Nights
October 2015
Commissioned to design flyers, posters and an accompanying pull-out programme
for a series of events by The Brick Box in London & Bradford

October 2015
Menu style posh programme for The Mansion House Event for Vespertine York

Cryptic Adentures
October 2015
Poster for events in the Crypts of Leeds Town Hall as part of this years Beer Festival.

October 2015
Logo for a friends new solo musical project.

Recon 2015
August 2015
A freshened logo upgrade and new poster for this pioneering festy.

A13 Green
August 2015
Posters, flyers and banner designs for the wonderful Brick Box Crew.

August 2015
Riso printed Programme for the 3rd in a series of lovely in events in York, Vespertine.

Astral Trip
August 2015
Quick and fast cover art for a release by new local sludge-disco band

June 2015
No Hands came out of retirement for a one-off show

Burnel Rooms Gig
June 2015
Quick and fast poster for a gig

The Vespertine
June 2015
2 colour Riso Newspaper for wonderful Events in York for Vespertine

Brick Box Cards
June 2015
A series of postcards for The Brick Box, London to show prospective clients

Panic Brewery
June 2015
Still in development branding for a new brewery

The People Want
June 2015
A lovely little Riso printed fold-out poem booklet written by Javaad Alipoor & commissioned by Art in Unusual Spaces

Kingston May Merrie
June 2015
Design and illustration for posters and flyers for The Kingston May Merrie, London

Thamesmead Project
June 2015
Commissioned to do a series of posters for positive stuff in Thamesmead, London

The Burnel Rooms Warm-Up
March 2015
Design for a Threadfest warm-up gig at The Burnel Rooms, Bradford

Out Of Spite 15
March 2015
Quick poster commission for this years Punk & Keg Festival

The Mirrored Hammer Issue 2
March 2015
Issue 2 of local art paper I put together

Threadfest 2015
February 2015
Bradford Threadfest 2015 .. I got my paints out!

Live Cinema
February 2015
Full Branding job for Live Cinema

The Burnel Rooms
February 2015
Logo for exciting new venue at The Bradford Playhouse

Big Sound Laboratory
February 2015
Logo for local Studio

February 2015
Logo for Only Independents

October 2014
nice typographic poster for a new musical venture and lovely gig we are putting on

The Electric Fireside
October 2014
Poster & flyer for an Event in Bradford by the amazing Brick Box Crew

The Mirrored Hammer Isuue 1
October 2014
Pilot Edition of a local Art, Music & Critique Newspaper

Recon Festival Programme
October 2014
Cute little A6 booklet risograph printed by Footprint Workers Coop, Leeds

Recon Festival 2014
July 2014
Poster and web layout for this years' festival

Dead Meat
July 2014
A Poster

Red Moon
May 2014
A Poster

Dark Matter Institute
May 2014
Logo for temporary gallery Space in Bradford as part of Bradford Threadfest

May 2014

A Christening
April 2014
Little invite I did for Baby Nephew's Christening

Bare Plume
April 2014
Logo for Bare Plume Café who do flavourful, globe-spanning, cruelty-free food.
They organise events with bands, DJs, cocktails, films and dancing. www.bareplume.com

'I Park Like An Idiot'
April 2014
Call me puerile, but these stickers I made are a sure fire way to appease the inner road rage.
I haven't actually used one yet, and probably won't.. But still, y'know. Grr etc.

Threadfest 2014
January 2014
First round of posters / announcements for this years festival.

Improv Weekender
January 2014
Poster for a weekend of experimental music.

January 2014
Logo for a psychologist.

The Mirrored Hammer
November 2013
Work In Progress, developing a regular Newspaper coming from outta bRADford.

Folk Narratives
November 2013
Poster for Folk Event

Buen Gurgles
November 2013
Poster for November No Hands Event

Junk Dealers
October 2013
Band Logo and Artwork for a Record Sleeve which was screen printed

Toast House
October 2013
Branding for new Coffee Shop / Cafe in Ilkley, West Yorkshire.. and a bloody lovely lunch!

Guided Goitside
October 2013
Flyers & posters for a Counter-Culture Walk and events in Bradford, by Blacks Dogs

No Hands X 2
October 2013
Posters for August and October Events

July 2013
Hand Type for a new musical project, also in progress ...

July 2013
Minimal geometric Whale Poster Design & Screen Print for Prints of Thieves. Custom Screen printing service

I Like Circles
July 2013
Minimal Icon / Ident for No Hands Collective

Ooh Beehive
July 2013
Initial developments of new logo for local boozer, in progress.

Sea Creature Poster
July 2013
June 2013 Poster for No Hands

Read All About It
June 2013
A couple of Newspapers designed for a Music Festival & Art Exhibition. Gonna do more of these!

As The Lobster Said
May 2013
Logo for a fantastically evocative supper party by Lord Whitney

Prints of Thieves
May 2013
A new venture and learning curve for me. Prints of Thieves. Custom Screen printing service

Rogue Associates
May 2013
Logo for Leeds based arts collective Rogue Associates

Retro Tape
May 2013
Vintage tape packagaing inspired No Hands poster. Not my original concept obvs #nicked

Goodbye HowDo?!
May 2013
Playhouse Ad Design for the last print edition of HowDo?! Magazine.

Bradford Threadfest 2013
March 2013
Refreshed 2013 logo a weekend long city-wide Free festival in Bradford, keep an eye on www.bradfordthreadfest.com

Himself + KOALA + Seamonster Poster
March 2013
Quick poster for March 2013 No Hands

Obscene Baby Auction
March 2013
A series of posters for 3 events

Far Beyond Driven
March 2013
Work in Progress logo for a friend's Tour Managing & Driving service, Far Beyond Driven

Real Cider Comedy Club
March 2013
A few quick ideas for Comedy Club logo at The Bradfrod Playhouse

New Bradford Playhouse - What's On
March 2013
Design for What's on 4PP DL leaflet and varied poster sizes

Silent Death
March 2013
A Poster

Postcards from Erewyrehve
March 2013
Logo for a project by Andy Abbott. More Info and Survey here

Level 42
18 January 2013
Screen printed poster for their Pledge Campaign

The Bradford Interchange
18 January 2013
Initial ideas and anybody cab GET INVOLVED HERE!

Supernormal Festival
18 January 2013
Pitch idea for logo development and brand

18 January 2013
No hands GRRRL Themed Month

Trembling Bells
18 January 2013
Poster for a gig

Best Of Bradford NYE
18 January 2013
Poster for Sound Clash night In Bradford NYE 2012

Get Romantic
27 November 2012
Another design for Dan Beesley's Album launch. Screen printed by Tommy Davidson at Role Model Corporate

Brand New Heavies
3 November 2012
Design for a screen printed poster, lovingly printed by the ace Tommy Davidson

Dept M.
3 November 2012

No Hands Nov 12
3 November 2012
Quick poster inspired by old Polish Book Covers.

Belt Up
10 October 2012
Artworked a logo to be embossed on high quality leather belts for Independent outfit Geo Walker

Heads + Birds
5 October 2012
No Hands poster with Illustrator Jo Billingsley

5 October 2012
Quick logo for a Book Keeper

Kooky Bootique
5 October 2012
Vintage Hair Styling logo sneak preview; still in development

20 September 2012
Cute little 12PP A6 Booklet for Bradford University Music Society

Feast of Flesh
17 September 2012
Poster for a Burlesque Night. #80's #Cheese #HammerHorror #Zombies

Addingham Beer Festival 2012
7 September 2012
I did web, posters, flyers, tickets and what not FOR FREE BEER

Welcome to Independent Bradford
7 September 2012
Pull-out for HowDo?! Magazine. More Info Here.

Bad Meds
7 September 2012
Poster for Bad Meds Gig

No Hands July 2012
12 July 2012

Big Muff?
12 July 2012
Work in progress for a friends' new home made pedal venture.

12 July 2012
GOBA 2012 Letter press style.

9 June 2012
June poster for a lovely Indie Pop themed No Hands

SKH Vinyl
18 May 2012
Vinyl labels for the new Stalking Horse Album, out May 2012 BUY IT!

SKH Matinee
18 May 2012
Poster for Matinee Show in Bradford as part of Bradford Threadfest

18 May 2012
No Hands Poster for Wilful Missing

18 May 2012
Branding and web for Addingham Parish Council

Bradford Threadfest 2012
23 March 2012
Logo for a Cross-City Music Fest happening this May in Bradford.

Vanilla Scoops
23 March 2012
Brand for a vintage Ice Scream van business, loads fun this one.

No Pins
23 March 2012
New badges. Cakes' fave.

Denim Venom
23 March 2012
March 2012 Poster

Steel Bicycle Co.
23 March 2012
Working on Brand for a new Bicycle Shop

20 January 2012
February No Hands

20 January 2012
Swiss style Poster for January No Hands

20 January 2012
Initial logo development for a good friends' new venture

Riff Sandwich
12 December 2011
Illustration and poster work for December's No Hands Events

12 December 2011
Branding development for a multi-national

18 November 2011
French Style Poster vibes

18 November 2011
A Fiery Farewell Poster to Bradford's Urban Garden

City Carol Service 2011
18 November 2011
This years poster

18 November 2011
Branding & iPhone App work with Holdstar

Bingley Music Live 2011
7 September 2011
Branding/Artworking project worked on with James Sanderson

No Hands / This Obscene Baby Auction
7 September 2011
Poster init

The Monster Photo Party
7 September 2011
Poster for local photo exhibition / gig. Illustration: Rob Goodall

7 September 2011
Brand & Web concept for online lotto playing

Save The Date
7 September 2011
Initial idea for wedding invites (step Brother, not mine!) work in progress ..

Black & White
7 September 2011
Recent meddlings with black & white 35mm film

Tote Life
22 July 2011
Scrap doodle No Hands Tote Bag, for fun.

Addingham Beer Festival 2011
18 July 2011
Logo variations for Addingham Beer Festival

The Grand Obscene Baby Auction
18 July 2011

Buen Chico
30 May 2011

30 May 2011
.. coming soon ..

Ways Of Looking
30 May 2011
Work in progress & unused work for a new photography festival in Bradford. A creative project with UNIT.

Mr Peppermint
30 May 2011
May No Hands Poster

Bilge Pump
30 May 2011
April No Hands Poster

BML 2011 Teaser...
31 March 2011
Teaser flyer for this years Bingley Music Live, a creative project with Everydaysomething.

31 March 2011
Concepts for a York Clubnight, worked on with Everydaysomething.

New Cursed
31 March 2011
Ever increasingly brillianty tattoo artist friend Cursed and her new cards / banner.

NH Bands Poster
31 March 2011
The monthly night we run that is knows as No Hands now hath bands like never before!

Zine #2
23 February 2011
Issue 2 limited print run of little local culture zine in Bradford

The Concierge Collection
11 February 2011
Logo ideas for a Concierge Company

No Hands Fanzine #1
28 January 2011
New Local Culture Fanzine for Bradford.

Stalking Horse
12 January 2011
Just for Fun. Wu Tang Stylee Ident for Stalking Horse. I urge you to check it out.

NYE 2010
12 January 2011
Poster for No Hands NYE Party, thanks to Rob for Mr No Hands

Blue Bear
3 December 2010
Bandcamp layout and design for Blue Bear,a little recording project. Seem familiar?

Something Nice
3 December 2010
Logo concept for a local bakery

City Carol Service 2010
3 December 2010
Simple poster for this years service at Bradford Cathedral

Ultrasound Logo
3 December 2010

23 August 2010
Poster for a Special One-Off Gig at Bradford Playhouse with the mighty Ultrasound.

23 August 2010
Space themed poster for local free party night

Blog Concept
23 August 2010
Initial concept for a new No hands website aimed at focussing on local culture, events and a record label

The Hobbes Fanclub
21 June 2010
My friends' pop group The Hobbes Fanclub and the cover to his new split 3" release on Cloudberry Records

Beach Party / Fundraiser Gig
21 June 2010
No Hands Beach Party poster plus a Bradford Playhouse Fundraiser gig poster, plus another little idea

Step Up Bradford 2010
21 June 2010
New poster for Bradford Dance Event.

Vote No Hands!
23 April 2010
In the spirit of the ever looming election — a joint effort with Rob Goodall, do check him out.

Spring No Hands
23 April 2010
Poster for March event of Bradford's Alternative Party Night No Hands

Polish Festival
23 April 2010
2 Poster Ideas (bottom one chosen) for a Polish Festival Hosted by The Balanga Bar in Bradford on the World Mile

Audio Workshop Online
23 April 2010
A friend of mine with a sweet ebay record shop wanted a quick logo.
(everybody seems to be wanting quick logos lately!)

23 April 2010
Corporate ID for a new software company.
Also involved some web work, brochures, letterheads and comp slips.

Maxprint Web Presence
23 April 2010
A simple site for Max Print in Bradford

Sans Hands Femuary
16 February 2010
January was Manuary, Febuary is Femuary. Again, thanks to Rob Goodall

Enjoy the Craic!
16 February 2010
Chosen design of 3 for this years St Patrick's Festival happening at Bradford Irish Club

Our Cursed
23 January 2010
My good friend tattoo artist and her new business cards that will be printed by the good Mark Longson

18 January 2010
Based on the Manuary theme thanks to Rob Goodall

No Hands Christmas Party
26 November 2009
I wanted a lo-fi hand drawn friendy feel, still reflecting what No Hands is about. Seems to work.

Stereotypes at Wire
09 October 2009
The client wanted to rebrand their Saturday night club night, this was the final logo used after some development.
The idea was to silver foil the circular vinyl grooves in the print process.

The Comedy Sessions .. haha
09 October 2009
A few poster ideas for a rebrand of the Comedy Sessions at Hi Fi Club in Leeds, West Yorskhire. Not used.

Spoooky No Hands Poster
06 October 2009
Bit of a play on Forbidden Planet, really. A quick job but effective, I think.

'Beast Day' Poster / Flyer for an all day music festival
21 August 2009
Final artwork for an all day music event in Bradford

No Hands VII
10 August 2009
Next poster for No Hands. Also check out Rob Goodall's work.

Bradford Music Week
30 July 2009
Some ideas, the client chose the top one to work with.. still in development

More Bradford Playhouse
06 July 2009
Just pitched with EverydaySomething for the re-brand of the Bradford Playhouse.
This is one of the ideas from many. (In development)

Step Up Bradford
06 July 2009
Just worked the branding for this, covering everything from the street signs, posters, flyers, adverts and passes.

Wild West Yorkshire
06 July 2009
My favourite of a logo development pitch for a new website aimed at covering events and happenings around Yorkshire,
covering them in a Gonzo style video shoot and putting them on web.. still in development.

Branding for Club Night
06 July 2009
The Wire Club in Leeds need a re-brand for their Saturday nights. Just a few initial ideas, none used yet if at all.
I like the block type at the bottom, gonna develop this further and hopefully turn it into a font.

Creative Together
06 July 2009
(Not used) Branding ideas for a new project by Artworks Bradford
Helping bring families together through a fun programme of arts and creative activities. I like the hand drawn one, try to adapt into a font using FontLab, once I master it!

18 June 2009
Rough boredom doodles from my Dad's Father's Day card to .. well, nonsense really.
Some proper work posted soon, promise.

New Business Cards
08 June 2009
Pour moi.. thanks to Mark Longson for the print job

No Hands June
04 June 2009
Poster / Flyer for next Free Alt Party at the Polish Club, Bradford

ilikepress logo
27 May 2009
Quick idea for local friends' PR company www.ilikepress.co.uk.

ilikepress too
27 May 2009
A variation

Bradford Playhouse
27 May 2009
Initial concept for new logo. Work in progress!

Plug & Play
27 May 2009
A logo idea for www.factorystreet.co.uk. A great new 'musical hub' in Bradford. Worked on a few flyers, adverts and event invites for them also.

Practice makes perfect
27 May 2009
The idea for this is it would be displayed in vinyl on the white wall of a new studio facility in Bradford. Work in progress.

No Hands
27 May 2009
A few friends and I put on a free alternative music night. This is one of the posters for it.

Local event posters
27 May 2009
Working closely with the local council I was asked to produce a series of posters to be displayed on sites around the City.

Plant Me Now
27 May 2009
Online garden centre needing a new look to compete with their market.

27 May 2009
A, ahem, 'Gentleman's Club' needed a fresh new looking site, I kindly obliged.

27 May 2009
The brief was to design a simple site with new logo and branding for Taxi trainig service. Unfinished.

SMS Planet
27 May 2009
A website offering free SMS texting services.

SMS Planet 2
27 May 2009
A different angle.

Beneast Training
27 May 2009
A new more corporate style website concept for a training company.

27 May 2009
A lil rocket drawing, that's it.

This Et Al band artwork
27 May 2009
Debut Album cover for my old band. Also involved designing tour literature,
the website www.thisetal.com, flyers, posters, T shirts, badges and much more over its 6 years existence

mono fanzine
27 May 2009
Aswell as curating, editing and running the local music fanzine mono, my job was to design the whole thing every issue. It was hard, we did it for free. Sadly no longer running in its printed form :(

Visionsoft product suite
27 May 2009
A suite of software products that needed to tie in with look and feel of each other

Visionsoft website
27 May 2009
Local software company Visionsoft needed a new front end portal icorporating ad space, login and navigation to all products.

The Golden Ages
27 May 2009
Initial concept for local band demo sleeve

'Exaggerated' alternative 80's night
27 May 2009
Rough DIY flyer for black & white photocopy print

Gig flyers, flyers for gigs.
27 May 2009
Aswell as booking bands and promoting events at the prestigious St Georges Hall and other venues in Bradford,
I handle the design for print and online promotional material, including logo work & illustration.

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