Ben Holden is an artist, designer and musician

Welcome to Salt Riso! My shiny new teeny tiny risograph print studio!

In the spirit of a new WFH culture and uncertain times; I’ve setup @salt_riso .. a small and friendly self-contained Risograph Print & Design Studio in a flat at New Mill by the river in Saltaire. It will mainly be used as a creative tool to make things .. but I can now design & print my own stuff safely and when I want. I can design and print stuff for YOU if you like. We can collaborate and make stuff. Hopefully soon it can be a more open access thing, however in the meantime please follow / like / share / spread the word, follow the journey and hit me up for Riso fun as I’m OFFICIALLY OPEN FOR BIZNISS! Let’s Print!

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Drop me an email for Riso Fun! —